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Areas of Expertise


Detoxification is simply the process of withdrawing a person from a specific psychoactive substance in a safe and effective manner. Although addiction may necessitate detoxification in order to begin drug rehabilitation treatment, there are many reasons that patients must undergo detoxification.

Yoga, Prayer & Meditation

Yoga therapy is a type of therapy that uses yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and guided imagery to improve mental and physical health. 

Drug & Alcohol Counselling

Alcohol & Drug counseling is an important and valuable step in treating an Alcohol & Drug use disorder. A counselor will be able to offer guidance and support along your journey to an alcohol & drug -free life. No matter how long you’ve struggled with alcoholism or how much you drink, alcohol & consume drugs. Counseling can make a huge difference in your recovery.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) involves a person’s thought-process and how their beliefs impact how they feel and behave. In the case of alcoholism & Substance Abuse, an individual may tell themselves that they’re a failure, unlovable and that there’s no hope for overcoming their drinking & Substance Abuse problem. A counselor who uses CBT will concentrate on these negative thoughts and show their patient how to replace them with positive views. Over time and with enough practice, CBT can help a person rebuild their confidence and self-respect.

Relapse Preventing triggers

Counseling will guide you in how to overcome strong impulses and desires to drink & consume drugs. Identifying triggers before they happen and becoming aware of triggers while they are happening are the first steps in managing them. Learning how to cope in various situations such as when you face a great deal of stress or are feeling depressed can also help in preventing triggers from arising.

Our Approach

There is a tendency to look at drug addiction and alcohol addiction as purely physical dependence on these substance. Sometimes, patients are treated with psychotropic drugs, these drugs. These drugs are nothing but mood and mind altering substances themselves. Which effects them Physically, Mentally, Spritually and Emotionally. Were an individual has to go through a rehabilitation process which includes Detoxification, proper Diet, Yoga, Prayer, Meditation, Exercise, Counselling and Group therapy.  

My Approach
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